3 hypothesis on mobility change

Tune in as Sandra Wolf shares her insights on how societal and industry changes are reshaping cities and mobility. From the dominance of cars to the need for human-centered solutions, the expert takes us on a journey through her experiences traveling to various cities and studying their approaches to a mobility change.

Stay tuned as she discusses the three hypotheses of societal change, political involvement, and industry transformation. 

Sandra Wolf

CEO Riese & Müller

Dr Sandra Wolf is a CEO of Riese&Müller alongside Heiko Müller and Markus Riese. After working as a Strategy Consultant for international clients at renowned branding and design agencies, and managing her own brand agency in Berlin, she has been responsible for the strategic direction of the company since 2013.

During the rapid growth of the company, the PhD-qualified economist focuses on structural and HR work.

In addition to dealing with the brand perception of Riese & Müller, she also deals with the challenges of the mobility of the future and the company’s sustainability strategy.

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