Your meetup for changemakers in Frankfurt

Are you stuck in a transformation?

Feeling overwhelmed trying to meet environmental goals, follow rules, and keep up with changing trends? Don’t worry, IMPACT CIRCLE is here to help! Think of us as your guiding light in the sustainability world. Join our community and you’ll get all the tools, connections, and know-how you need to lead your company towards a greener future.

Your monthly meetup for changemakers in Frankfurt

At IMPACT CIRCLE, we understand the hurdles encountered by fellow changemakers like yourself. That’s precisely why we’ve crafted an environment where you don’t just survive – you thrive. Here’s what awaits you when you join our vibrant community:
Opportunity to connect
 Build valuable relationships with professionals in the Frankfurt area who, like you, are working for a more sustainable future. This network could be a catalyst for your professional growth. 
Stay informed
Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the latest trends, challenges, and best practices in corporate sustainability through our curated events and discussions.
Discover partnerships
Explore opportunities to form alliances and collaborations with GreenTech start-ups, SMEs, investors, and other critical stakeholders in the sustainability space.
May 27

Changemakers Meetup

neosfer GmbH, Eschersheimer Landstr. 6, Frankfurt


In partnership with

May 13

Rooftop Networking

neosfer GmbH, Eschersheimer Landstr. 6, Frankfurt


In partnership with

Networking redefined

Afterwork Networking
Join us for regular networking events where you can connect with other sustainability managers, GreenTech start-ups, investors, and industry experts. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and forge valuable connections that can propel your sustainability initiatives forward.

Gain valuable insights and skills through our educational icebreakers. From deep dives into sustainability trends to practical sessions on implementing sustainable practices within your organization, our meetups cover various topics to help you stay informed and empowered.

Participate in thought-provoking discussions featuring experts from various sectors of the sustainability landscape. Learn from their experiences, gain new perspectives, and engage in meaningful dialogue about the sustainability community’s challenges and opportunities.

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IMPACT CIRCLE is designed for sustainability and transformation professionals at the corporate level who are passionate about driving sustainable change within their organizations. If you’re committed to positively impacting the planet and want to connect with like-minded professionals who share your vision, then IMPACT CIRCLE is for you. 


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