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Want to achieve sustainable business success?

IMPACT CONNECT & LEARN offers a wide range of workshops for both corporate representatives and start-ups, with topics such as Entrepreneurial Leadership, Impact Measurement and Investor Readiness. During a brown-bag lunch session, you’ll have the chance to learn from an expert more about corporate transformation.

LEARN TO Think Big

Transform an entrepreneurial mindset for larger companies. Learn tips and strategies to apply the entrepreneurial mindset to larger, established companies.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Initiate innovation and transform your company. Discover how to stay competitive by implementing innovation and transformation in your company.

Become Part of a Like-Minded Community

Join the right conditions for networking and collaboration. Meet and network with like-minded individuals and organizations to foster collaboration and partnerships.

Explore THE Tools of the Trade

Equip Yourself with knowledge for the competitive market. Stay ahead of challenges and boost business development with concrete tools and knowledge.


Online | Language: mostly German


23. June 2023

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Getting started with CSRD?

Kickstart your reporting without greenwashing

A company’s sustainability performance will play a crucial role in determining its reputation in the coming years. However, how can one ensure prompt and efficient performance by maintaining authenticity?

Achieving the double bottom line

A practical guide to impact measurement

Are you tired of struggling to measure your organization’s impact? In this workshop, you’ll discover specific indicators and real-life examples to help you measure your company’s social and environmental impact.

Mastering entrepreneurial leadership

Unlock the full potential of Your corporation

Are you a corporate manager looking to make a lasting impact on your organization? Our expert will share new data on how corporations leverage the startup world’s learnings to drive meaningful change.

Ready, set, pitch!

Getting your GreenTech start-up investor-ready

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and secure the funding you need to grow? We will guide you through creating a successful pitch deck that will grab investors’ attention and generates leads.

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09:30 - 10:00

Start & joint kick-off

10:00 - 11:30

Workshop Sessions

  • Entrepreneurial leadership for corporate leaders
  • Sustainability – beyond compliance
  • Can employee participation drive sustainability?
  • How to leverage integrity and credibility
  • Communication with investors and angels
  • Designing for behavior change
12:00 - 12:45

Brown-bag lunch session

  • Sustainable future thought from the end
13:00 - 14:30

Workshop Sessions

  • Circular business models
  • Impact Measurement
  • Getting started with CSRD?
  • Impact discovery masterclass
  • Full-service pooling solution for start-ups
  • Impact management for start-ups
14:45 - 15:30

Speed-datings & recap


The upcoming event will happen on Talque, an event platform that offers several features such as matchmaking, a chat option, a speed dating system, information about all participants, and a schedule.

Workshops and speeches will take place on the Zoom video call platform, equipped with various tools. You will find the Zoom-Links inside the event platform.

Upon registration, you’ll receive an invitation to register on Talque. During onboarding, Talque’s matchmaking algorithm will ask you some questions to build your profile.

Why should you join?


Deepen knowledge on current trends in the sustainable innovation space and learn from industry leaders about their sustainability actions.


Be part of an unique and curated environment of high-level investors and selected top-notch GreenTech start-ups.


Contribute to achieving the SDGs, strengthening the start-up ecosystem, and the developement of Europe as a place for innovation.

Get to know your online hosts

Tapio Peltonen

Founder EEX

Entrepreneurial Leadership for Corporate Leders

Ellen Noel

Head of Center for Digital GreenTech

How can a business measure its impact?

Arved Lüth

Owner :response

Sustainability beyond compliance

Britta Steube

Founder Impact Ideas

First steps for your impact transformation

Dominik Schütz

Lead Designer Designit

A circular mindset: Design for bevaiour change

Michael Urs

Senior UX Designer Designit

A circular mindset: Design for bevaiour change

Sebastian Öttl

Lead Sustainable Business & Climate WWF

How to leverage integrity and credibility for real climate action

Annika Hobble

Manager Sustainable Business & Markets WWF

How to leverage integrity and credibility for real climate action

Antje Rosin

Senior Corporate Communication Manager WWF

How to leverage integrity and credibility for real climate action

Chiara Kühn

Co-Founder UNO INO

Employee participation - the key to more sustainability?

Stephan Grabmeier

Future Designer Synergie Zukunft

Sustainable future thought from the end

Laura Scherer

Founder Circu:Culture

Circular business models

Patricia Moock

Co-Founder 4L Impact Strategies

Getting started mit der CSRD?

Svenja Lassen

Country Managing Director Gateway Ventures

Full-Service Pooling Solutions for Startups

Robert Stammen

Chief Executive Angel APEX Ventures

Full-Service Pooling Solutions for Startups

Claudia Bumb

Head of Impact Accelerator @Hafven Innovation

Impact management for start-ups

Karolin Stephan

Program and Communications Manager @Hafven Innovation

Impact management for start-ups

Dirk Vongries

Corporate Saviour & Transformation Expert

Communication with investors and angels

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