1. Why is the IMPACT FESTIVAL being postponed?

We believe that a physical event adds a lot of value to all attendees and exhibitors in terms of communication and networking. Due to the current Covid-19 situation and the seriousness of this issue, we decided against a face-to-face event in April and to postpone it to September 09-10, 2021.

2. How will the postponement of the event affect tickets that have already been purchased?

All tickets that were already purchased will remain valid and will be updated to the new date in September. Of course, there is also the possibility to have the ticket price refunded.

3. Does the postponement affect the location or the concept?

No, the IMPACT FESTIVAL will still take place in the event location FREDENHAGEN. Furthermore, the concept of the hybrid event will be maintained, so we are looking forward to welcoming you both online and offline at our event in September!

4. General Information

What is the Impact Festival 2021?
The Impact Festival 2021 connects corporates, green start-ups, scale-ups and investors. The festival is divided thematically into eight different Innovation Areas, which are oriented on the EU Green Deal as well as the Sustainable Development Goals. Matchmaking, networking and expert workshops will also play a central role before and after the event.


Who can participate in the event?
Anyone interested in the topic of sustainability, especially in the B2B context, can participate in the event. Click here to get to the ticket store. If you have any questions about the different ticket categories, we will answer them in 4.2.


Where and when does the event take place?
The event will take place on April 23rd and 24th, 2021 in Frankfurt am Main / Offenbach, more precisely at the event hall FREDENHAGEN (further information on how to get there can be found in 5.1). The event will take place in a hybrid format and can therefore also be streamed online (further information on the format can be found in 3.1).


What are the opening hours of the event?
The opening hours on both days of the event are 09:00 to 19:00. In order to protect the health of the participants, both days were divided into slots of three hours each.
Slot 1: 09:00 to 12:00
Slot 2: 12:30 to 15:30
Slot 3: 16:00 to 19:00


What is the Impact Community and how can I become part of it?
Participants of the community are experts from the fields of technology, politics, business and science, ranging from innovative start-ups to large companies and investors. The aim is to network with industry colleagues, to promote interdisciplinary exchange and knowledge transfer. The community platform works via the tool “Slack”. Here you have the opportunity to introduce yourself, discuss current topics, make valuable contacts and always be up to date on the Impact Festival.The community lives through the active participation of its members, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with others. Click here to register for the IMPACT Community.


What is the Impact Challenge?
The Impact Challenge is a competition for students. The participants will work in teams to develop a sustainable data-driven business model. During this process they will be coached and supported by experts. In total, the participants will go through 4 stages, the 5 best teams will be allowed to pitch their business idea in front of investors and experts at the festival. The Challenge takes place from March to April.


How can I participate in the Challenge?
Students who have completed at least the third semester or are already in their master studies can apply. The application is possible in teams as well as individually. The participation is free of charge. You can apply under this link.

5. COVID-19

What do we do to protect our visitors? What is the hygienic concept of the event?
By dividing the event days into slots of three hours each, we can ensure that only a certain number of visitors are on site at any time. This limitation ensures that you can move around the event site safely and freely. Further safety measures have of course also been taken. For example, there is a one-way street regulation, a mask obligation, a traffic light system at bottlenecks as well as sufficient further hygiene precautions.


How can people who cannot / do not want to be on site participate in the event?
In order to allow all interested people to attend the event, there are online tickets that can be purchased in our ticket store. There is a livestream of the main stage, a media library where all contributions from the main and side stages can be accessed on demand on the day of the event and the possibility to meet the exhibitors and other participants online. The networking character of the event is thus also transferred to the online area. So you can easily become part of the event without being personally present.


What happens if the event is banned due to regulations?
If the event is banned due to current regulations (e.g. governmental ban), all tickets remain valid and the event will be postponed. Should you wish to return your ticket in this case, this is of course also possible.

6. What does a hybrid event look like? How does a hybrid event concept work?

Which formats are available at the event?
The Impact Festival is a hybrid event. Participants can take part online as well as offline. The lectures are also displayed in an event platform.


Who can use the event platform?
Buyers of online tickets, remote experience tickets, investors and business tickets (on-site) can use the event platform. You can find out more about the various tickets in the ticket shop.


How do I get access to the digital platform?
If you have purchased a ticket that gives you access to the online platform, you will receive an email with the access data for the online platform. There you can simply log in and create your profile.


When and how long can I use the platform?
The platform will be made available a few days before the event so that visitors can already get a first impression. After the event, the platform will be available for another 3 months with all its contents.


How can I network with participants at the event?
There is the possibility to network offline as well as online. The created participant profile shows the top contacts with whom you should definitely exchange information. Of course, it is possible to exchange information with any other participant (provided they agree). On site, the lounges can be used for an exchange, online the functions of a chat and video calls are available. The event offers numerous opportunities to network with each other! For more information see also our Impact Community.


Is it possible to watch the lectures after the event?
All lectures at the event will be recorded and made available on the platform after the event (on the same day of the event), where they will remain available for another 3 months.

7. Tickets

Where can I buy tickets for the event?
Use this link to get directly to the ticket shop.


Which ticket category is the right one for me?
In our ticket categories you will find something for everyone:

Are you an investor and looking for up coming start-ups? Then the day ticket “Investor” is the right one for you! With this ticket you have access to all areas of the festival including the Match-Making Area for a whole day.
Are you responsible for sustainability in your company and looking for solutions? Then the slot ticket “Business” is just right for you. This ticket provides access to all areas of the event. You should also purchase this ticket if you are interested in the presentations on the main stage!You want to inform yourself about upcoming start-ups and exchange ideas with them at the exhibitor stands? Then book the slot ticket “Exhibition”. Please note that you do not have access to the main stage. If you are a student, you can book the discounted student ticket!You want to enjoy the whole experience at home? Then choose between our two online ticket categories. Here you have two days access to all areas and all lectures either via livestream or on demand! The Remote Experience Ticket also includes a special package that will be sent to your home to complete the experience!


Can I purchase multiple tickets?
You can purchase up to 5 tickets. So you can book directly for you and your colleagues or friends. However, when you check out, you must already assign these tickets to the right people (name, surname, email address) so that we can track who will be attending the event with you. The number of online tickets is limited to one ticket per person.


Can I return or pass on tickets?
Basically, tickets are not returnable or transferable. However, you are welcome to contact contact@impact-festival.earth with your request and we will look into it. Should the event be postponed / cancelled, you can of course return your ticket.

8. How do I get to the Festival?

Where can I find the event location?


Sprendlinger Landstraße 193-195

63069 Offenbach am Main


From direction Offenbach: 

  • Line 106, direction: Lauterborn / Caritas / Buchrainweiher, stop: Merianstraße, distance: 400m, frequency: 15 minutes
  • Line X83, direction: Langen (Hessen) Bahnhof, stop: Bert-Brecht-Straße, distance: 100m, frequency: 30 minutes
  • Line 551, direction: Neu-Isenburg, Gravenbruch Ost, stop: Bert-Brecht-Straße, distance: 100m, frequency: 30 minutes

In the direction of Offenbach:

  • Line 106, direction: Wetterpark, stop: Merianstraße, distance: 400m, frequency: 15 minutes
  • Line X83, direction: Offenbach Marktplatz, stop: Bert-Brecht-Straße, distance: 100m, frequency: 30 minutes
  • Line 551, direction: Bad Vilbel Bahnhof, stop: Bert-Brecht-Straße, distance: 100m, frequency: 30 minutes

More Questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time, we will answer all further questions.