Celebrating thought leaders​

A Look Back at Speakers from Our Previous Events


Katja Diehl

Mobility Expert

Ensuring an inclusive and sustainable transportation system

Prof. Dr. Maja Göpel

Sustainability Expert

Compass, creativity & courage in turbulent times

Dr. Antje von Dewitz


The secrets behind making a business sustainable

Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen

Founder of "Gesunde Erde Gesunde Menschen"

What we are now able to move with assets and what it costs us to do nothing

Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

Climate Researcher

How to build resilient & sustainable cities

Godo Röben

Ex-CEO Rügenwalder Mühle

From farm to fork: Disruption in the meat market

Carolin Stüdemann

CEO Viva con Agua e.V.

Deep Dive into Purpose

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A Look Back at Speakers from Our Previous Events

Anabel Ternès von Hattburg

CEO at Institute For Sustainability Management (IISM)

Anahita Thoms

Sustainability & Trade Compliance Partner At Baker Mckenzie

Benedikt Bösel

Founder & CEO At Gut&bösel

Beth Thoren

Director of Environmental Action, EMEA at Patagonia

Hamed Beheshti

Co-Founder & CEO at Boreal Light

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

Climate Researcher

Hilda Liswani

Founder & CEO at WEBLOOM

Mirjam Pütz

CEO at WM Gruppe

René Wienholtz

Founder & Executive Board Member at LOOM IMPACT AG

Sandra Wolf

CEO at Riese & Müller

Sebastian Feuß

CEO AT Wilding Shoes

Stefanie Berk

Executive Board Member at DB Fernverkehr AG

Stephan Grabmeier

Future Designer

Stephan Hankammer

Professor for Sustainability Management & Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Susane Bregy

Head of Impact Investing at PHINEO gAG

Tarek Al-wazir

Hessian Minister For Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport & Housing

Tim Schumacher

Managing General Partner at World Fund

Vanessa Gstettenbauer

Co-founder at Farm-Food-Climate by Project Together

Verena Pausder

Entrepreneur & Investor

Wolfgang Gründinger

Chief Evangelist At Enpal

Heba Aguib

Chief Executive AT RESPOND BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Roberta Boscolo

Climate & Energy Scientific Officer at World Meteorological Organization

Marco Te Brömmelstroet

Academic Director at Urban Mobility Futures

Andreas Dombret

Former Board Member at Deutsche Bundesbank

Harald Friedl

Advisor & Circular Economy Expert

Nicole Formica-Schiller

CEO & Founder at Pamanicor Health

Maja Göpel

Political Economist & Transformation Researcher

Renat Heuberger

CEO & Co-Founder at South Pole

Christian Kroll

Founder & CEO at Ecosia

Bettina Orlopp

Chief Financial Officer at Commerzbank AG

Sandra Phillips

Founder & CEO at movmi

Andreas M. Rickert

Founder & CEO + Co-CEO at PHINEO + Nixdorf Kapital

Torsten Schreiber

Founder & CEO at Africa GreenTec

Lena Thiede

Co-Founder & Partner at Planet A Ventures

Gundula Ullah

Chairwoman at BME e. V.

Yvonne Zwick

Chairwoman at B.A.U.M. e. V.