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Our mission? Sustainable transformation!

At IMPACT FESTIVAL, our mission is to foster collaborations for sustainable innovation by connecting GreenTech start-ups & SMEs, corporate sustainability managers, and investors. By supporting an open exchange of knowledge and connecting key stakeholders, we aim to accelerate the sustainable transformation of our economy.

You're in the right place if ...

You're a sustainability - or transformation manager at a corporate level, looking for solutions to transform your company.

You're an investor looking to invest in GreenTech / ESG B2B start-ups or to connect with like-minded investors.

You're a B2B start-up or SME offering a sustainability solution looking for potential customers, investors, visibility, and collaboration.

Join us and experience sustainable transformation through collaboration, knowledge exchange, and community building.

We build a ecosystem for transformation

IMPACT FESTIVAL was founded in 2021, with its first festival attracting 2,100 attendees. In 2022, we launched IMPACT SOLUTION, an online platform to match GreenTech companies with B2B clients; followed by the launch of our IMPACT TALK podcast with guest experts and the second festival, which welcomed 2,500 attendees. Furthermore, we co-hosted the IMPACT WEEK, the IMPACT AWARD, and various smaller side events such as webinars and online lectures. By constantly evolving our offerings and services, we remain committed to providing a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration for sustainable innovation.
Matching investors, start-ups and corporates
Bringing together an impact-driven community

About neosfer

The organisation behind the IMPACT FESTIVAL is neosfer. Neosfer is the innovation unit of Commerzbank and dedicated to invest in B2B start-ups at an early stage and building prototypes based on new technologies. Neosfer’s vision is to foster innovation with a purpose and to support a liveable and digital future.


Fabian Demuth


Mara Steinbrenner

Co-Lead – Solutions & Start-ups, Side Program, Content

Linda Köpper

Co-Lead – Partner Management, Event & Finances

Kai Werner

Managing Director neosfer

Matthias Lais

Managing Director Neosfer

Valeria Euler

Start-up Management & Communication

Josa Gräber

Speaker & Partner Management

Rick Neu

Event Management

Wolfgang Weicht


Maëlyss Ménage

Marketing & Project Managamenet

Sarah Schütz

Public Relations

Dennis Eberlein

Ecosystem Management


Discover how IMPACT FESTIVAL 2022 reduced its carbon footprint and read the full report by ClimateSeed.

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Take the lead in sustainability by becoming a part of IMPACT FESTIVAL!

If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in GreenTech start-ups, drive the sustainable transformation of your company or stay informed of the latest trends and developments, join us now. Together we can have an impact – time is running out!

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