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The world of sustainability reporting is complex and constantly changing. With IMPACT CONNECT & LEARN, in cooperation with Haufe, we offer you a clear and structured insight into this essential field. Our aim is not only to guide you from the basics to the specific requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), but also to delve deeper into the various phases of sustainability reporting.

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27 May 2024

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Our experts provide an introduction to the basic strategies and methods to develop a solid understanding of the purpose and essential role of transparent and effective reporting.
Once the foundation has been laid, we focus on the core of modern sustainability reporting – CSRD. This involves focussing on the dual materiality analysis, a key component of CSRD that requires close consideration.
We go one step further and examine the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). By highlighting specific standards as examples, we look in detail at topics such as climate change and biodiversity and their significance for your company.

Now that the sustainability report is ready, what next? We will show you how to draw strategic conclusions from your report and put them into practice. Communicating your commitment is just as important. We discuss how you can communicate effectively without running the risk of greenwashing and whether two different types of reports might be useful.

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We have designed our workshop series so that you can choose two out of five in-depth modules that cover every stage of sustainability reporting. Whether you are just starting out and need a basic introduction to the topic, or you are already producing reports and want to optimise the strategic use and communication of your results. Choose the modules that best suit the phase your company is currently in or decide on topics where you are looking for more in-depth knowledge. 

IMPACT CONNECT & LEARN takes place on the Talque event platform, which offers you features such as matchmaking, chat, a speed dating system, participant information and a schedule. Workshops and presentations will be held via Teams, the links to which can be found on Talque in the agenda.


MONDAY 27 MAY 2024
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Your online workshops and hosts

Stakeholder Dialogue

Stefan Dimitrov | DDP Gruppe

Discover how to effectively identify, evaluate, and engage your key stakeholders for ESRS reporting. Learn how to shape the dialogue pragmatically according to CSRD/ESRS requirements.

Challenges & Opportunities

Ursula Binder

Gain a compact understanding of key principles and regulations, reporting obligations, core contents, and skills for compliance and leveraging benefits. No prior knowledge is required.

Materiality Assessments

Yvonne Ebert | Haufe

Fulfill legal reporting obligations through a materiality analysis, considering internal and external factors. In our workshop, we'll guide you through this process with examples.

Sustainability Due Diligence

Solveig Witt | Scholz & Friends

This workshop aims to enhance understanding of sustainability due diligence, develop EU Green Deal compliance guidelines, and identify company connections for CSRD reporting and CSDDD actions.

Entrepreneurial sustilence

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wunder | SustainUp

Discover how businesses can harness the CSRD to drive strategic alignment and unlock new value beyond compliance.

ESRS Deep Dive

Marten Deuter | :response

Are you curious about the ESRS application from analysis to disclosure? We'll show two topics for reporting companies. Now, you can gauge what's left to do this year.


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