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Whether founders of a start-up, researchers, experts or CEOs, you will meet the movers and shakers of the transformation, gather inspiration and certainly develop a lot of new questions.

Alma Spribille

CEO WEtell

Alma Spribille, the founder and CEO from WEtell, a start-up for sustainable mobile network.

Andreas Rickert


Andreas Rickert , CEO of Phineo, a Think and Do Tank for social engagement and impact investing.

Godo Röben


For over 10 years, he has enjoyed managing various projects in the field of alternative proteins.

Anna Yona

CEO Wildling Shoes

Anna Yona is the founder and CEO of wildling shoes, a company producing shoes in a regenerative way.

Anna Christmann

Member of the German Bundestag

She's been in the Bundestag since 2017 for "The Greens". Expert on AI, now coordinates Digital Economy.

Birgit Grossmann


Birgit Grossmann is community, impact and marketing manager at Patagonia for the DACH region.

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We want to shine a spotlight on best practices

We want to share our curiosity for solutions that help us stay within planetary boundaries with you year-round. That is why we’ve created the IMPACT TALK as a podcast series for IMPACT FESTIVAL. It will allow you to learn more about new trends focusing on IMPACT FESTIVAL’s six innovation areas and deepen and analyze the following topics within each episode with us.

Mobility, Cities & Logistics

Get ready to dive into the future of transportation, as we explore the intersection of mobility, cities, and logistics. Join us as we discuss the exciting potential of electromobility, AI, and data management to create sustainable and efficient transportation solutions for the future.

Finance, Risk and Regulation

Join us for a deep dive into the intersection of sustainability and finance, risk, and regulation. To promote sustainable investments, we explore essential topics such as green banking, impact investing, and taxonomies. We also shed light on crowd investing, CSR reporting, and impact business design, highlighting their crucial role in sustainable business models.

Agriculture, Biodiversity & Food

Are you curious about the role of agriculture in ensuring food security and biodiversity preservation for our planet? Explore the sustainable methods of regenerative agriculture and tree plantation, offering solutions to the challenges of conventional agriculture and promoting a more sustainable future.

Circular Economy & Resources

Are you interested in rethinking our approach to resource management? Discover the circular economy and its focus on waste management, recycling, and a regenerative economy. Learn about waste collection, digitalization of the construction industry, and emerging innovations driving the shiftowardds a more sustainable and regenerative future.

Energy, Pollution & Water

Are you concerned about the impact of energy generation on our environment and natural resources? Discover the innovative solutions of clean energy and energy-as-a-service, their ability to promote environmental sustainability, and the conservation of water resources while reducing pollution.

Services, People & Organization

Discover the latest innovations in AI-powered health solutions and how development projects are bringing essential services to communities in low-income countries. Explore how AI transforms the services industry, benefiting people and organizations worldwide.

Meet your host: the faces behind the microphone


Mara Steinbrenner is the Project Lead of the IMPACT FESTIVAL and has been on board since the first Festival in 2021. She has a background in economics, innovation and sustainable development and studied in Sweden, Switzerland, Finland & Germany. Before joining the Festival Team, she has worked in a tech start-up and loves the fast-paced environment of the start-up world.

Responsible ownership: How Sonett is taking action

Discover why Sonett has been taking responsibility for water sustainability since 1977.

Sustainable mobile communications & common good economy

Join Alma Spribille, CEO of WEtell, on IMPACT TALK's 3rd season to learn about sustainable mobile communications & the effects of climate ...

Venture capital with impact: Investing for the future

Discover how venture capitalists can make a difference by investing responsibly to support our future. Learn about ESG and CSR from Isabelle ...

Different from the start: Regeneration & Sustainability

How Wildling Shoes' founder Anna Yona leads the way in sustainable business practices.

Impact investments & social impact

Discover impact investments & social impact initiatives with Andreas Rickert,Phineo CEO.

Unlocking the potentials of regeneration

Get a glimpse into the future and explore regenerative business models with professor Stephan Hankammer.

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