Unlocking the potentials of regeneration

Overexploitation of resources, business models with a systematic approach and “embracing complexity” are some key concepts that guide our conversation on the regenerative economy today. In this episode, we focus on the fulfilment of the SDGs per se and do not focus on individual goals this time.

Regeneration oder warum Nachhaltigkeit nicht mehr ausreicht, mit Stephan Hankammer (#32)
To address these issues, Dirk and Mara welcome Stephan Hankammer to the IMPACT TALK studio. The professor for “Sustainable Management and Entrepreneurship” at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences and researcher on sustainable and regenerative business models gives us exciting insights into the concept. This episode is hosted by Dirk Vongries, Managing Director and Senior Consultant of CORPASS GmbH and Mara Steinbrenner, Co-Lead and Start-up Manager of the IMPACT FESTIVAL.


Professor for Sustainable Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Alanus University and co-founder of REGWI – Institute for Regenerative Economics, Stephan Hankammer knows what he is talking about when it comes to regenerative business models or even post-growth business principles. 



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