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Mobility, Cities & Logistics

Embark on a journey into the next era of transportation as we explore the convergence of mobility, urban living and logistics. Discover with us the exciting opportunities that electromobility, artificial intelligence and data management offer in shaping smart cities and fostering sustainable, efficient transportation solutions for the future.

Finance, Risk and Regulation

Join us on a comprehensive exploration at the intersection of sustainability and finance, risk and regulation. In our quest to advance sustainable investing, we address critical topics such as green banking, impact investing, crowdfunding and taxonomies. In addition, we shed light on ESG reporting and look at topics such as risk analysis, regulatory technologies and offsetting - revealing their central role in shaping sustainable business models.

Agriculture, Biodiversity & Food

Are you interested in the crucial role of agriculture in ensuring food security, addressing biodiversity challenges and combating food waste on our planet? Learn about the sustainable practices of regenerative agriculture and explore innovative solutions that help to overcome the obstacles of traditional agriculture, including responsible resource management and biodiversity conservation.

Circular Economy & Resources

Are you ready to rethink our approach to resource management? Explore the concept of the circular economy with its inherent focus on recycling and regenerativity. Learn about topics such as the upcycling of waste, the reuse of materials in different industries, the digitalization of the construction industry and many other innovations that are driving the transition to a regenerative economy.

Energy, Pollution & Water

Are you concerned about the environmental impact of energy production, industrial processes and the reckless depletion of our planet's natural resources? Discover pioneering solutions in clean energy, water treatment and conservation, carbon capture technologies and pollution reduction.

Services, People & Organization

Organizations play a critical role in enhancing sustainability by re-evaluating and evolving their processes. Gain a deeper understanding of solutions that promote sustainable change and benefit individuals, communities and organizations worldwide. Explore a spectrum of topics ranging from sustainability consulting and impact measurement tools to innovative solutions such as SaaS and AI.

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Dive into a monthly curated selection of the latest sustainable practices and innovations, ensuring you're always ahead in a rapidly evolving world.

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