Sustainable mobile communications & common good economy

In IMPACT TALK’s 3rd season, we particularly want to shine a light on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (the so-called SDGs). In this episode, we look at SDG 7 for “affordable and clean energy”, among others. Today we warmly welcome Alma Spribille, the CEO and founder of WEtell, a company that offers sustainable mobile communications.
Nachhaltiger Mobilfunk, Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie und Klimaaktivismus – als Start-up möglich? mit Alma Spribille (#31)
How do you create a sustainable mobile network? What does the common good economy mean for a newly founded company? How do characteristics of sustainable lobbying or climate activism manifest themselves in a start-up? What does responsible ownership mean in concrete terms? Today we discuss these topics with our 2nd guest of the 3rd season. In the process, we get compelling insights into her commitment to climate in the company as well as at other levels. This episode is hosted by Mara Steinbrenner, Co-Lead and Start-up Manager of the IMPACT FESTIVAL.


Not only is Alma Spribille the CEO and founder of WEtell, but she is also consulting the German minister for economic affairs and climate action, Robert Habeck, as a member of the SME advisory council. She is a board member at the Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft (BNW). In this sense is her commitment not only from a business perspective, but also political. 



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