Responsible ownership: How Sonett is taking action

Sonett was founded in 1977 as the first manufacturer of ecological washing and cleaning products and goes far beyond an ecological product in their “sustainability approach”. In the social design of their company, they were already ahead of their time back then and founded Sonett in responsible ownership – in other words, the company belongs to itself and cannot be sold. Rebecca Kramer and Oliver Groß, two heads of the three-part management team join us to get to the bottom of what makes Sonett different and what role SDG 6 – Clean Water – plays in particular.

Mehr als nur Besitz: Verantwortungseigentum, mit Rebecca Kramer und Oliver Groß (Sonett) (#35)

This episode is hosted by Dirk Vongries, Managing Director and Senior Consultant of CORPASS GmbH and Mara Steinbrenner, Co-Lead and Start-up Manager of the IMPACT FESTIVAL. 


Rebecca Kramer joined the management board of Sonnett in 2018, and is now on Oliver Gross’ side to lead the firm

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