How to make carbon removal a great investment

The integrity and funding issues in nature-based carbon removal

Nature-based carbon removal often has low integrity. There is a lack of transparency, combined with high risks. Therefore many projects do not receive enough funding. Most times, it cannot be determined just how much CO2 has been sequestered. The value for our climate as well as for your net zero claims is unclear. Many climate projects primarily cause costs and risks for companies and investors and do not offer measurable returns.

Harnessing the potential of carbon shares: A win-win for climate and finance

A safe and transparent way to buy and claim carbon removals: By buying a carbon share you acquire a fraction of a nature-based carbon sequestration capacity generated by certified projects. As the project sequestration capacity grows, you will benefit from a carbon credit dividend payout. That way, you can invest in measurable carbon removal instead of reduction or avoidance credits, which gets you closer to your Net Zero commitments. From a financial point of view, carbon shares are an intangible asset on your balance sheet. They are not simply costs and risks but benefit you in more than just one way. Growing projects, rising carbon prices and dividend payouts make for an attractive investment.

Carbon shares: A revolutionary approach to climate commitments

Our goal is to make carbon removal a great investment. We need to invest billions into carbon removal to still reach our climate commitments. With carbon shares we have developed the first instrument to make it easy and transparent to invest large amounts into much needed climate mitigation activities. Nonetheless, having an unregulated product is just the first step on our journey. Within the next two years, we will enable a cash dividend for investments in carbon removal.

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  • Remove 1 million tons of CO2e from the atmosphere until 2025


  • Carbon shares allow removal projects to be listed on a stock exchange, giving them access to funding and investors access to an attractive investments.


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