Different from the start: Regeneration & Sustainability

Short supply chain, decent working conditions, family-friendly work culture, sourcing of climate-friendly materials : what does the everyday life of a regenerative company look like? Also gets transparent insights about the challenges companies face with the current economic situation from Anna Yona, CEO and founder of wildling shoes.
Von Anfang an anders: der Weg zur Regeneration & einem nachhaltigen Unternehmen, mit Anna Yona (wildling) (#34)
This episode is hosted by Dirk Vongries, Managing Director and Senior Consultant of CORPASS GmbH and Mara Steinbrenner, Co-Lead and Start-up Manager of the IMPACT FESTIVAL. Photo : Credits to Cherie Birkner


As a CEO and founder of wildling shoes, Anna Yona, stands up for regenerative businesses, new work models or even sustainable supply chain. 



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