Invest into solar projects and make a powerful impact

The challenge of the lack of transparent investment opportunities.

With a rising awareness of the impact our finance and investment decisions have on the planet and its people, more and more eco-conscious individuals are looking to do good with their money. But despite the growing demand for impact investments, consumers still struggle with finding transparent investment opportunities that generate both environmental and economic returns.

Impact investing with ecoligo’s solar projects

  • Impact investments into powerful solar projects for businesses in emerging markets. All of the available projects are owned and operated by ecoligo, providing an extra layer of security.
  • Transparent and measurable CO2 savings per investment. An average investor portfolio saves 18 tonnes of CO2.
  • No hidden fees and a minimum investment amount of only 100€.
  • Attractive interest rates, ranging from 4.3% to 8%.

Investing for a better future: successful financing of 83 solar projects

  • Almost 4,000 investors have started to do good with their money by investing into ecoligo’s solar projects
  • 83 projects have already been fully financed
  • 100% repayments to the investors made on time and in full


  • More than € 3 billion sustainable investing volume
  • 114 million tonnes of lifetime CO2 savings
  • Fully sustainable supply chains and lifecycles for solar projects


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