Financial vehicles for SDG-focused investments

How innovative financial vehicles make professional investments accessible.

Many impactful companies/projects are missing access to the institutional investor market. However, these investors are needed for speeding up the process of reaching the SDGs. The main issue: financial products for professional investors often have high setup and maintenance cost and are not feasible for startups, scaleups and SMEs.

Innovative financial vehicles for impactful companies and projects

To solve this issue, we’ve created financial vehicles that are accepted by institutional investors and are very affordable in their setup & operations due to their “shared fund hosting” format. The impact fund design for our clients is done in our tailor-made advisory and structuring service. Ultimately our clients can focus on their core competence – asset- instead of fund-management. Our fist case is a fund for Africa GreenTec AG (AGT) to finance “impact sites”, providing electricity, cooling storage, internet and other utilities to off-grid rural villages in sub-Saharan Africa. The AGT fund supports the rural development and addresses 11 out of the 17 SDGs.

The future of investing: embracing impact as a key metric

We believe in the upcoming tradability of impact because impact is, in addition to return, risk and liquidity, the new measurement unit for investments. This by our re-thinking of conventional investment products and opening-up the institutional market for future-oriented impact investments, SDG-focused investments will become mainstream.


  • IoT data from AGT’s impact sites & are processed by their impact modeling engine
  • These impact KPIs are continuously reported on LOOMPACT.com for maximum transparency


  • Open market trading of generated impact returns
  • Impact KPIs are woven into the investor return schemes for every financial product


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