Overcoming the challenges of sustainability reporting

From limited knowledge to high-quality sustainability

The mission of the Public Cloud Group (PCG) is not only to provide value through its cloud solutions to customers, but also taking on social and ecological responsibilities, benefiting employees, the environment, and society. Even though sustainability had been prioritized at the highest level, PCG had only limited prior knowledge in the field of sustainability. No employee had ever written a sustainability report and there was neither a sustainability strategy, suitable structures nor processes to make the data collection efficient. Despite limited prior knowledge in sustainability, PCG aimed for a sustainability report already of high-quality. They found a partner for this in VERSO, an ESG Software pioneer, offering an all-in-one sustainability software and expertise.

From data collection to strategy: VERSO empowers PCG's sustainable transformation

PCG outsourced its sustainability reporting to VERSO, utilizing their software and experts to gather all relevant data and create the first sustainability report. VERSO enabled PCG in gaining in-depth ESG knowledge with the VERSO Academy, provided the necessary ESG software and beyond, consultative assistance. Data was collected from various departments, verified by VERSO’s experts, and gaps were addressed. Apart from the first sustainability report, VERSO accompanies the PCG in further development in the field of sustainability. To define all relevant topics and measures to reach their goal, including setting KPIs, a materiality analysis is carried out. The aim is to establish an integrated sustainability strategy, enhance data collection, and optimize PCG’s processes. Alina Schneider, Head of Marketing and Sustainability at PCG says “sustainability is an essential principle of our corporate philosophy. VERSO provides us with the optimal platform to report efficiently and serves us as a cockpit for our sustainability management. Thanks to the expertise and support, we have also adapted our processes to make sustainability an integral part of our corporate strategy.”

Streamlining sustainability: PCG's journey with VERSO's software and supports

PCG obtained a high-quality sustainability report through the collaboration with VERSO, forming the foundation for ongoing sustainability efforts. VERSO’s software and support streamlined the process, making reporting faster and easier. The VERSO Academy facilitated additional knowledge building. Building on their first report, PCG will tackle further courses of action with VERSO: Identify key issues, set clear goals and measures and establish a holistic sustainability strategy.


  • Outsourcing sustainability reporting
  • Only 40 hours of work required
  • Time-saving, hence more capacities for the implementation of further actions
  • Long-term sustainable transformation with the sustainability report as a foundation
  • Knowledge building with the VERSO Academy in a 12-weeks program


  • Remain the European leader in the field of corporate sustainability
  • Accelerate the sustainable transformation of companies
  • Continue accompanying medium-sized companies holistically in their sustainable transformation with our cutting-edge software combined with services, integrated consulting, sustainability and financial communication

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