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Challenges of recruiting support for mission-driven start-ups

There is no need to say that nowadays finding people to support your mission is hard — really hard. Skill shortages, a lack of prominence, and financial power as a start-up make it nearly impossible to get new people on board to make your impact happen. Time is running out in the case of fast-developing technologies, market shares, stakeholders, and, of course, climate change.

DigiSapiens: A case study in impactful recruitment by wernaer

Your impact is wernaer’s motivation to help you find the people you need to make change happen. wernaer raises awareness about your impact in the candidate market to attract the right talents for you. Within their network, they will sell and advertise your company face-to-face. They take the time to go into detail and negotiate, if necessary, salary against a meaningful job and the impact you offer. wernaer are obsessed with your impact case and will pass along this enthusiasm among our network and candidates. 

This work is not anonymous; it is passionate and connecting. Let us share this heartwarming story with you: wernaer’s client, DigiSapiens, developed during the pandemic a digital reading and mentoring app to support children in Germany with reading difficulties. But there is much more to come, as reading is a main part of education and equal opportunities. Their vision is to bring this app to children in developing countries to enforce education. How does it work? Often, there is not enough money to send kids to school. Instead, they are helping their parents on the field. Education is the key to breaking the vicious circle of pumping more and more money into developing funds but leaving no sustainable strategy for the future. 

With this app, DigiSapiens revolutionizes the development market by paying kids for learning. The money goes straight to the kids and their families while they read. The foundation for education is reading, which opens up more possibilities in their life. Isn’t this a company you would love to work for? Sure, but how would you know this story?

The challenge for DigiSapiens, as a small player, is their lack of financial power and employer awareness to attract talents. This is where we come in. wernaer helped recruit crucial positions to make this vision happen: Full Stack Developers, Machine Learning Experts and Lead Voice Engineers who are enthusiastic about this mission. As an impact recruiting agency, the team advises, supports, and finds the right talents for your sustainable impact start-up. They keep your back free, so you have full power to develop and sell your impactful products or services. We recruit permanent and contract jobs within IT, HR, Finance, Sales & Marketing. Either you choose the “all-in service” for full coverage of your recruiting process, or you decide between on-demand and social media recruiting services. The focus and values of wernaer equal sustainability, appreciation, and success. These three values will lead us to a society of humanity, climate protection, and community.

Amplifying impact: wernaer's mission to foster talent for impact companies

The more people work for impact companies, the better. It is our mission to support companies with talent to make an impact. More talents make more impact.


  • Provided ten impact companies with talent to achieve their goals
  • 36,65 t of CO2 were reduced within the company
  • Over 8,000 trees were planted by wernaer’s partners


  • THE recruiting company for impact start-ups 
  • Helping transform and change the “old” economy 
  • Connecting people for more impact
  • 1 million trees planted

Listen to the pitch of wernaer!


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