How Everwave is tackling plastic pollution in Slovakia

Plastic pollution: a global crisis we cannot ignore

Every year, more than 11 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans – mainly transported by rivers. This has a devastating impact on the environment and the economy and has led us to one of the biggest global environmental problems in human history. As Germany is #1 in the European plastic production and exports a lot of its waste, we have to take responsibility!

Cleaning up the waterways: the successful cleaning up of the Ruzin Dum

everwave’s solution: to take responsibility together with companies. With our partner Mastercard we cleaned up the Ruzin Dam in Slovakia in fall 2021. For six weeks we operated the Mastercard garbage boat and collected 72.400kg of waste and left the Dam restored. We collected fridges, tires, thousands of PET-bottles, children’s toys and much more. In addition, we took care of the co-processing of the collected material and built up a long-term infrastructure for the waste. It got thermally recycled at a local recycling facility. We also reached another goal: with a local and social workshop we created our first small art products to show that waste can become a resource. A bonus point of this collaboration? Mastercard produced a feature about the project that inspired around 1 Mio. people to think more about clean rivers and clean oceans!

everwave long-term’s global vision for waste management

Right now, we already work on two continents: Europe and Asia. But we want to clean up the world. Our cleanup technologies shall be deployed at as many cleanup sites around the world, constantly collecting waste. Long-term we want to work on recycling our collected waste, so that it can get back into the cycle and receive a new life. In doing so, we take along companies that want to live corporate social responsibility. Our dream? A world where we eventually have no jobs because our waters are clean.


  • 6 weeks of garbage boat action
  • 72.400kg waste collected
  • First recycled art pieces created with a local workshop
  • Feature that reached over 1 Mio. people


  • Cleanup sites on at least four continents
  • Functioning recycling streams at all our operating sites


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