Unlocking the potential of shared mobility

How to re-organize the mobility infrastructure

Main Stage 2021 Keynote Summary

The swiss army knife of transportation

Since about 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions are tied to personal transportation, it is obviously an area in which changes will have to be made. Sandra Phillips believes that the answer to this problem is shared mobility. Ideally there should only be one tool for everything you need to get around. This could be in form of an App or a fare card for instance.

Repurposing the infrastructure to make it more sustainable

Phillips uses the city of Vancouver as a positive example for implementing change into their infrastructure and adopting shared mobility. Shared mobility gives the user access whenever they need it to have the same amount of freedom as having a personal car. In most cases where shared mobility did not work the infrastructure simply was not ready for it yet. In some cases, the infrastructure simply did not provide safety.

Less cars on the street

The city successfully repurposed their parking spaces to be more accessible for shared vehicles. In Vancouver shared cars users can park in residents only parking zones and at meters without charge. This has led to an increase in membership from 7,500 in 2010 to over 200,000 memberships today. A quarter of the users have even gotten rid of one of their cars which makes 50,000 cars less on the street. 40% of all members have refrained from buying a car altogether. In total that’s 80,000 cars less on the street¹. The city of Vancouver has also experimented with a shared mobility fare card ².


Phillips believes that if the infrastructure is repurposed the users will come and adapt. The shift towards shared mobility has to be made easier, more attractive, social and timely for people. If cities can achieve this, the personal car can be a thing of the past.


Sandra Phillips is an award-winning shared mobility expert, and founder/CEO of Canadian consulting agency “movmi”. As a shared mobility architect, Sandra aims to create better and sustainable transportation systems globally by integrating public transit with shared mobility. Her passion for building communities drives her towards creating innovative solutions for the future.

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Watch the full keynote here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMZYYOpViwA&t=96s 

Find out more about Philipps here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qaWTeJ_AFY

¹ City of Vancouver, 2021; Vancity carshare Report, 2017

² Shared mobility Pilot Report, 2020


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