Microsoft selects Carbonfuture for their Net Zero commitment

Carbonfuture teams up with Microsoft on “climate moonshot” commitment

Every year, more than 11 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans – mainly transported by rivers. This has a devastating impact on the environment and the economy and has led us to one of the biggest global environmental problems in human history. As Germany is #1 in the European plastic production and exports a lot of its waste, we have to take responsibility!

High-quality carbon removal credits from innovative biochar

As part of Microsoft’s large-scale corporate climate pledge, they released a second request for proposals in 2021 (following the first in July 2020), from which Carbonfuture was chosen as a provider of high-quality, biochar-based carbon removal credits. The extensive selection process was based upon stringent criteria, such as clarity of carbon accounting, durability, potential leakage, co-benefits and other environmental and social considerations. To deliver on the climate action, we worked with our long-term partner Pacific Biochar and their innovative triple-bottom-line project in Sonoma County, California, which gives forest biomass a second life, reduces catastrophic wildfire risk, produces renewable energy and helps the climate as well as local farmers by improving soil health and crop yield.

Microsoft's carbon removal procurement sends a clear demand signal to the market

The common denominator in this joint effort: a willingness to take a step beyond the necessary in tackling the climate crisis. However, this project entails more far-reaching consequences. While for the tech giant, it means their own carbon removal goals can be attained with the highest-available standards and reliability, the procurement also sends a clear demand signal to the entire emerging carbon removal market. Microsoft’s purchase is therefore not only supposed to enable their future needs to be met (5m to 6m tonnes of carbon by 2030), but also paves the way in helping corporate demand volumes beyond their own scope to be fulfilled in the ongoing race towards a net zero world.


  •  GHG emissions reductions 


  • Enabling gigatonne-scale carbon removal 


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