The Role of Reforestation in Corporate Sustainability

Climate change and forest degradation: Reforestation imperative

Extreme weather events, CO2 pollution in our atmosphere and the destruction of natural areas bring serious consequences that threaten our future. Our native forests and our global climate are in critical condition. Experts estimate that about 500.000 hectares of forest will have to be reforested in Germany in the next years due to the damage caused by extreme weather events and climate change. Our native forests are powerful CO2 reservoirs and essential for climate protection. Unfortunately, climate protection measures are often not tangible for companies.

Fostering sustainable corporate cultures with DEUTIM and Waldemarie

DEUTIM and Waldemarie solve this challenge at a regional level, so that companies can fulfil their environmental and social responsibilities and involve their stakeholders in the process. With their locally generated CO2 storage, they help companies to integrate their regional commitment into their sustainability strategy in a transparent and tangible way. The DEUTIM CO2-Storage has been tested and confirmed by TÜV and is therefore a verifiable contribution to climate protection. With Waldemarie, they have created an innovative online platform for animated forest planting. Waldemarie is aimed at people who want to improve their carbon footprint and give something back to nature. Companies use Waldemarie to establish a sustainable corporate culture and to enable their employees, customers or supply chain to support regional reforestation in Germany.

Preserving forests and CO2 reservoirs: DEUTIM and Waldemarie's impact

With their regional forest projects, DEUTIM and Waldemarie are making an effective contribution to the preservation and protection of climate-stable mixed forests as healthy ecosystems and natural CO2 reservoirs. Preserving biodiversity is just as important as ecological management and sustainable forestry. This is why these reforestation projects are FSC or PEFC certified. This initiative helps to create a symbiosis between economy and ecology. 

(by August 2023)

  • About 23 current reforestation projects in Germany
  • Ca. 130 already reforested hectares
  • About 450.000 trees planted
  • Ca. 50.000 tons of generated CO2 Storage ex ante

    • Encourage and inspire companies and people throughout Germany to join their mission wood (symbiosis of economy and ecology)
    • Maximize the impact on the following SDGs: 3, 6, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17
    • Create awareness of the impact of reforestation and sustainability 
    • Be a leading example of digital transformation in setting up of a new company
    • Further develop our digital solution for the analog challenge of reforestation


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