7 drivers for resilient and sustainable supply chains

"Resilience is necessary when one grain of sand in the gears of a finely tuned cross border supply chain can bring them to standstill."

In this keynote, Anahita Thoms explains how anticipation is key to preparing supply chains for vulnerable times. She explores strategies for building resilience and discusses the role of policy, business, initiatives and consumers in driving sustainable change in supply chains.

Anahita Thoms

Head of Baker McKenzie

Anahita Thoms heads Baker McKenzie’s International Trade Practice in Germany and is the Global Lead Sustainability Partner for the Industrials, Manufacturing and Transportation Industry Group. She is a Board Member of Atlantik-Brücke, serves on the National Committee of Unicef Germany and is an advisory board member of the sustainable finance board of the German Federal Government.

Anahita has won various accolades for her work, including 100 Most Influential Women in German Business (manager magazin), International Trade Lawyer of the Year (Germany) at the Client Choice Awards and Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. She is regularly interviewed as an expert by news broadcasters and newspapers, including the BBC or Handelsblatt.

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