Venture capital with impact: Investing for the future

ESG, sustainability, impact, purpose, CSR(D) … terms you hear everywhere – but what is really behind them and how can they be properly classified? What do these concepts mean for venture capital investors and start-ups? As you might have guessed, today we are focusing on the financial aspect of the SDGs and how the financing gap can be closed.

Venture Capital mit Impact: Investitionen für die Zukunft, mit Isabelle Canu
Dr Isabelle Canu is today’s guest from the IMPACT TALK team. The partner at the Green European Tech Fund and founder and managing director of the sustainability strategy consultancy for venture capital funds, respin, answers today’s questions around these complex but exciting topics. This episode is hosted by Matthias Lais, Managing Director of neosfer and Mara Steinbrenner, Co-Lead and Start-up Manager of the IMPACT FESTIVAL.


Sustainable finance and venture capital expert, Isabelle Canu has a strong network in the impact as well as start-ups scene. She works as a partner at the European Green Tech Fund as well as a managing director at respin. 



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