inter.link: the sustainable Internet provider

The ecological footprint of the Internet

The Internet is all around us and is an integral part of our everyday life. Despite this there is very little awareness within the network industry about where the energy comes from that supports a global Internet or the environmental footprint it produces. With a constant increase in the number of internet users, bandwidth, and time spent on digital platforms: ICT is predicted to be 20% of the world’s energy consumption by 2030. 

Pioneering sustainable and transparent Internet solutions

From its founding (2021), Inter.link has focused on building a transparent business model that integrates environmental decisions into the daily operational level. This has allowed us to offer an alternative carbon-neutral internet solution within our first year of business. We’re pioneering sustainability in the network industry by making all emissions fully-transparent to our customers in real-time starting in 2023. Whether you are receiving local office fiber or connecting across the globe (point-to-point), the emissions supply chain will be visible.

Inter.link's international roadmap to sustainability

Inter.link is planning on expanding our European locations, as well as adding additional locations in America, EMEA, and APEC. Our mid-range goals focus on becoming net zero and achieving BCorp certification. Additionally, we continue to focus on opportunities to achieve a positive impact on the environment by fostering and contributing to groups like the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) and other industry-related initiatives.

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  • Centralized and automated reporting software
  • Offsetting all emissions within the first year
  • Sustainable business model


  • Paving the way for sustainable Internet
  • Global Reach
  • BCorp certified
  • Net Zero by 2025


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